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Running in April was pretty much nonexistent…I did a way-short 5K , a 20 minute run last Monday, a 5K time trial on Sunday, and a 2-miler yesterday.  I’ve been wanting to follow a running plan for quite some time now, and since my IT band is seems to be doing well, I decided to find one to start this week.

my pathetic April training log

my pathetic April training log

Since I’m not trying to do distance, I took to Google and Pinterest to find a not-quite-beginner but not hard-core runner 5K plan to make my return to the sport I love so much.

I Pinterested and Googled my little heart out, and I found the plan!

THE plan!

THE plan!

The Women’s Running Magazine Get Fitter 5K Training Plan.  It’s the perfect return to running after taking time off plan (it even says so in the description;).  I plan on following this 12-week plan to a ‘T’, even after my tri training begins in mid-May.

With all of the stress/moving/crap going on prior to moving, I had to put the NROLFW on hold, which I will restart in May after I return from a trip to Boston.  So for the next two weeks I’ll be doing some Pinterest-inspired cross training that is travel friendly.  What I like about this running plan is that it includes cross-training days, so I don’t have to squeeze them in.

Feeling good after Sunday's run.

Feeling good after Sunday’s run.

Since my goal this year is to get faster, I did a 5K time trial on Sunday to get a baseline 5K time.  It was about what I expected: 28 minutes, 35 seconds.  That’s one of my slower 5K times and plenty of room for improvement.  I plan to do a 5K time trial once a month for the next few months so I can see my progress.

5k Time Trial #1

So it’s as simple as that folks, I’m starting my return to running.  My goal race is still the Wicked 10K at sub-50 minutes.  I know I have a long way to go, but with proper training and nutrition (and weight loss) I know I can do it!



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