Race Report: Run Your Tail Off 5K

Here’s a long overdue race report for the Run Your Tail Off 5K, race #6 of the year!

Numero 6!

Numero 6!

The week before the race, Tyler and I were walking the dogs in my hometown and saw a flyer on the town hall window advertising the race, and we thought it would be a fun way to get a run in since we were returning on the following weekend to go to the Capital’s game.

The race supported the Woodgrove High School After-Grad celebration, which helps keep seniors safe on graduation night (aka away from drugs/alcohol)…so it was a great cause!


The starting line was approximately 7 minutes from my mom’s house and the race started at 9am, so we didn’t even have to wake up early.  It took place on Woodgrove High School’s XC course, which was a little bumpy but otherwise a nice course.


The race field was maybe 25 people, mostly walkers, Tyler and I started at the front.  There was some confusion about which way the race went, and a student (who happened to run XC at WHS) instructed us on how to run the course.  Great!  Or..it was until the “race director” came and told us to go the opposite direction.  Whatever, it was fun run.

So off we went, Tyler and I ran together for the first mile then he went ahead.  He actually had a decent chance at placing in his age group.  I continued on at my own pace, just enjoying the scenery and just running in general.


I crossed the finish line as the 2nd place woman, however, the course was way off.  It was not a 5k, not even close.  My Garmin clocked in at 2.53 miles when I looked at it as I crossed the finish line.  I’m unsure of my exact time (it was 23 min, some seconds) because I forgot to hit stop.


Both Tyler and I finished first in our age groups!  Unfortunately, the race director/volunteers got our bibs mixed up at the bib pickup (she just handed them both to us, no names on the bibs and we didn’t think to ask) and my time was recorded as his, clocking him in at 2nd or 3rd place instead of 1st.  Since it was a fun run and we knew the true results, we didn’t put up a stink and we shared the medal.

Probably won’t run this race again, but it was a fun way to spend the morning!

4 thoughts on “Race Report: Run Your Tail Off 5K

  1. There were only 25 people? That sounds like a very small race but hopefully still fun. And that’s great it was so close to your mom’s house. Did it feel like you were alone for most of the race due to the small size?

  2. Yeah it was the smallest race I’ve ever run-but it was a lot of fun. I did feel like I was alone after Tyler went ahead of me after the first mile….there was maybe a 1/4 mile between me and the person behind me but it was a very nice run :)

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