Why We Moved

This is a short post on why we moved, and what’s been sucking all of the energy out of me.  It’s not meant to be whiney, it’s just my way of bringing the first quarter of 2014 to a close and to get a fresh start for the remainder of the year.

Basically, we were being harassed by our downstairs neighbor’s 20-something year old son because we were begin too loud.  We had been to the management office several times for some guidance, yet we were the ones at fault for some odd reason (I can only assume its’ because the mother of the boy is–and this actually came out of the rental agent’s mouth–“close, personal friends with them”) because our dogs were barking too much….which is not the case at all (I’m home during the day a lot of the times).  Whatever.

We opted to break our lease and had to give a 60 day notice.

During those extremely long 60 days, the kid starts pounding (and I mean pounding) on his ceiling whenever we were being “too loud” for him.  It was anxiety-inducing,  Tyler accidentally dropped the remote to the TV and the kid pounded.  This ended in 2 confrontations between him and Tyler in the parking lot, and an embarrassing call to the police.

It was exhausting, I didn’t feel like working out and my eating wasn’t great.  I ran a total of (so far) 3 times in April, and barely hit the gym.  I’m restarting the NROLFW in May.

Now that we are in a much, much nicer community, there are no more excuses.  After being here for a little less than a week, I already feel refreshed, I’m eating/hydrating better, and actually have a plan for my return to running.

The end.


2 thoughts on “Why We Moved

  1. Ugh… That sounds like such an uncomfortable situation to live in :( I’m glad you were able to get out and move to a better place. Yay for feeling refreshed!

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