Things I’m Loving Friday 10

Good morning and welcome to the 10th edition of Things I’m Loving Friday!

Here’s what I’m loving this week:


1.  19 Reasons why your bikini should have nothing to do with why you want to lose weight.  Thanks Huffpost :)

<3 the Caps!

2.  The Washington Capitals.  Although they won’t make it to the playoffs this year, it’ll still be fun to go to the last game of the season at Verizon Center this Sunday.


3.  We (kind of) set a date for our wedding!  June 2015….much earlier than expected, but super-exciting!  Now I’m just waiting on setting the exact date, since it depends on a certain race during that month 😉

TOMS Lobamba sunglasses

TOMS Lobamba sunglasses

4.  My Toms sunglasses.  They were a splurge (in my opinion) but totally worth it because they are timeless.

5.  I know I loved this last week, but MOVING DAY is even closer, and I love it.  12 more days until we get into the new apartment and I can’t wait!

PS:  If you notice the blog is a little quiet over the next two weeks I haven’t gone anywhere, but I’ll be busy packing, working, and finishing up homework/finals for this semester.  

Have a great weekend!

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