Freezer Cooking: December

Last month Tyler and I experimented with spending a weekend cooking all of our weekly lunches and dinners at the beginning of the month to see if that would lessen our grocery spending and cut down on processed foods throughout the month of November.  It worked!  We came in right on budget, and bonus–we always had homemade food available to us.  We did go out a few times, but we ate out a lot less more than we had been doing.  We ended up making pasta with a homemade sauce (with ingredients we had on hand–no extra spending) one week for dinner, so we ended up with leftover Turkey Chili, which we will eat this month.

Leftovers from November

Leftovers from November

Leftovers from November:

Four Quarts of Turkey Chili and cornbread (which is lunch this week, with some leftovers likely)

Three whole chickens (we are slow cooking one this week so we can pull it and put it on top of salads for dinner)

Ground beer, hamburger rolls–enough to make a nice weekend meal for Saturday/Sunday

pizza dough

pasta sauce

I plan on using all of these items for December, so there isn’t much cooking to do for this month.

December’s Goal: come in UNDER budget, only eat out twice.

We ate out a bit more than planned in November (and a lot of that came out of our “fun money” budget, not the grocery budget, but it made for having to adjust our fun money spending).  We do have two nights planned in December where we are going to eat out–1.  at the Caps v. Hurricanes hockey game (GO CAPS!) down in Raleigh, so we’ll have dinner at the arena, and 2.  Sushi for New Year’s eve dinner in Richmond (no real NYE plans except a low-key dinner and bed early, since our flight to Florida leaves bright and early on Jan 1st).

Here is the December menu (in no particular order):

Beef Stout stew–this is a great recipe, but instead of pies we are doing a stew and making biscuits to go with it

Red Beans and Rice with Shrimp

Chicken (or Turkey–leftover from Thanksgiving) and biscuits–kind of following this recipe

Spicy Quinoa with Sweet Potatoes–adding black beans to this recipe

Tomato Soup–homemade, any recipe will do!

Bread Salad with Roasted Chicken–my favorite meal that Tyler makes

Oat Waffles-trying this for breakfast instead of my regular egg sandwich, just to change it up a bit

Pulled chicken in the crock pot with a homemade mustard bbq sauce, to top salads

I’ll post pictures as we eat these yummy meals, and hopefully we’ll be able to stick to our December goals!

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