Race Report: Ashburn Farm 10K

For this week’s Marathon Monday, I’ve decided to do a race report from last week’s Ashburn Farm 10K.  I like to regularly incorporate races into training periods so I can measure my performance progress, and, well I’m a race addict.  My two best training runs from last summer were races (a 20K and a half marathon-turned-15-miler).  I have a couple more races scheduled in this training cycle, which I will add mileage to to get my weekly long run miles in, but there’s just something more exciting about going out and running a race than just going out and running  along run, don’t ya think?

The race report:

Bright and early (and freezing!) on Thanksgiving morning Tyler and I ran in the 20th annual Ashburn Farm 10K.  This was my first time running the race and it was so well-organized and fun!


The race started at 8:15a, and it was recommended to arrive no later than 8:00a, earlier if you needed to pick up your bib and t-shirt.  So, in order to get there and find parking and pick up our packets, we left my mom’s house around 6:45a and arrived around 7:15a.  Since we arrived early, we sailed through packet pick up and got a great parking space next to the start line and pretty close to the finish area, meaning we could hang out in the car until it was time to warm up.  Speaking of warming up, we did a mile out and back from the starting line and then just crowded in to the 9:00 min/mile corral and waited for the signal to go.    At this time it was 26 degrees and sunny—easily my coldest run ever.

Pre-race, indoors, nice and warm!

Pre-race, indoors, nice and warm!

The start was of course a blob of people just running forward but it quickly thinned out.  One thing that would’ve been nice was if there was a wave start so it wouldn’t have been so crowded going up the first hill, but it wasn’t awful.  Tyler wore the Garmin because I’m still working on running by feel.  My legs felt so stiff from the cold at first but by the second mile I felt great.  We kept what I thought was a pretty steady pace for most of the race.

The course was nothing special, just ran through a residential area, but the course was marked very well and there was plenty of course volunteers/police officers to keep the runners safe from cars at intersections and just in general around the course.   Of course, staying true to most Loudoun County area races I’ve run, the final 0.5-ish mile was on an uphill, which wasn’t surprising to me.

I wouldn’t let Tyler tell me the time near the end because I was still trying to run by feel, but part of me wishes I would’ve let him because per the Garmin, our final time was 6.23 miles in 55 minutes, 13 seconds (Official time 55:11)!! Only 14 seconds off of my A++ goal!!  I’m extremely happy with my finish time, I crushed my A goal time of sub-58 minutes.  Oh, and about that steady pace:  we had almost all negative splits, which was awesome.

SO close!

SO close!

Mile 1: 9:19

Mile 2: 9:06

Mile 3: 8:56

Mile 4: 8:50

Mile 5: 8:57

Mile 6: 8:24

Last .23: 1:38

We grabbed some water at the finish area and started to go inside for a bagel (or whatever they were serving) but it was so crowded we just decided to head back to my mom’s house to get warm and eat.

Post-race happiness

Post-race happiness

I would definitely do this race again, and would definitely recommend it to anyone in the area or traveling to the area for the holiday.  They also offer a 5K and a 2K fun run.   **Just a tip: register early-ish, this race sold out this year (all three races, I believe).

Did anyone do any fun races over the holiday/weekend?  Also, do you sneak in some races into your training cycle?


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