Ashburn Farm 10K Goals

I’m going to be without the internet while I’m at my mom’s house for the next few days, so I thought I would post my goals for my Thanksgiving Day race: the Ashburn Farm 10K.

This will be the first time I participate in this particular race, and it’s surprisingly large–2,700 runners so far per last night’s participant email. Pretty cool!  I’m familiar with the area since I used to work in Ashburn, it’s pretty flat with some small hills, so it should be  nice way to start Thanksgiving morning.

I don’t really have any major time goals or anything, although getting back down to a sub-55 minute 10K would be great, so I guess that’s my A++ goal.  I’m not expecting it to happen because I’m not in that kind of shape right now, but it would sure feel good to get back there (major 2014 goal–more to come on that)!

My A goal is sub-58 minutes, my B goal is sub-60 minutes.

My main concern is the weather forecast for that day:  a high of 35 degrees and a low of 22…the race is at 8:15am so I’m guessing it will be close to 30 degrees.  At least there is no snow/rain in the forecast like there is today!  I’m breaking out my winter weight tights for this one!  This will require some serious warm up time (probably a mile or so) and lots of jumping around in the start corral.   It’s been cold where I currently live, but I’ve been lucky enough to not have to run in it (yet).

Be sure to check back in on the blog over the next couple of days, I’ve got a post scheduled about hill repeats and a holiday gift guide on Friday :)  And you can keep up with me on Instagram: @runningmuffin .

Happy Thanksgiving and good luck on your turkey trots and/or marathon of cooking!

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