Marathon Monday #3

Happy Monday!  It seems as if a cold front has finally hit us here in Hampton Roads, I actually had to break out my hat, gloves, and scarf for walking the dogs this morning!

Weather Puppy says it's cold!

Weather Puppy says it’s cold…if only it snowed here!

I’m feeling much better this morning and I’m looking forward to making up the 8-miler I missed yesterday tonight after work.

It’s Marathon Monday #3 this week, and I want to talk about rewarding ourselves.  Ultimately, the reward is completing a strong 26.2 miles, but sometimes a little bribery is necessary to get us out the door when you’re tired, when it’s too cold, or sore from a tough workout earlier in the week.  I could get myself a new running shirt or a pretty running skirt today, but I feel like I need to earn it before I buy it.

 Enter: the Marathon Miles jar.  


Yep, I’m paying myself as a little incentive to run my training miles.  Not much, just 25 cents per mile, and in the end it’ll add up if I get the miles in (hopefully enough to purchase some pretty spring running gear from either Oiselle or Lululemon).  I haven’t actually calculated the projected total because I really don’t want to know until after the marathon, so it’ll be a little surprise when I get back from Little Rock.

What do you do (if anything) to reward yourself for achieving your goals?

6 Comments on “Marathon Monday #3
  1. I like your idea of the marathon miles jar! Now that it’s really cold, I think I may need to push myself to keep up with my strength training and weekly runs. Usually I reward myself with a beer or some unhealthy food!

    • I would love to be able to reward myself with food, but it usually leads to a sweets binge! I need to find a way to keep up with my strength training too…maybe once I start seeing results it will make me want to get to the gym to lift :)

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