Fall Back

Good morning and happy Daylight Savings Time!  Did you enjoy your extra hour of sleep this morning?

I certainly did.  I was up at 6:30am and loved to see that it was light outside (meaning morning runs won’t be completely pitch black anymore!).  I laid in bed reading the new issue of Health magazine until Tyler woke up, then we took the dogs for a walk around the apartment complex.  It was a cool 49 degrees out and sunny–perfect kind of morning for dog walking.



We spend the morning on the balcony, sipping on hot Life is Good S’mores coffee and warm pumpkin spice doughnuts I made yesterday.  You can find the recipe here.  I did not use the sugar-coating, instead I made a basic vanilla glaze and topped the doughnuts with that.  The dogs enjoyed their Acadia cookies.





Delilah waiting for her cookie

Delilah waiting for her cookie


puppy lovin'

puppy lovin’

All in all, a perfect way to start this fall morning.  Later, we have a 4-mile run planned (the “long run” for this week–I can’t remember the last time a 4-miler was a long run!) and I have some homework to get caught up on.

Good luck to those running NYCM today!

How would you spend your perfect fall morning?

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