Friday Five: Favorite Fall Foods

Happy happy Friday!  I’m excited for today not only because it’s Friday but at work it’s our annual Thanksgiving lunch.  Speaking of food, today I’m linking up with Courtney, Mar and Cynthia to chat about our favorite fall foods!

To me, nothing says fall like anything pumpkin, however, I am one of the 3 people in the world who could do without a pumpkin spiced latte from Starbucks.  I do like pumpkin-related foods that actually contain pumpkin, like the discovery of my new favorite pumpkin pie at Proper Pie in Richmond.

salted caramel pumpkin pie

salted caramel pumpkin pie

Turkey.  So, I love roasted turkey anytime of the year, but in the fall it just works.  Last year for Thanksgiving, we followed Alton Brown’s recipe for roasted turkey and it was the juiciest, most tender turkey I have ever eaten.  Highly recommended.

Pot pie.  There is just something about pot pie that warms the soul on a chilly fall night.  The tender crust, the piping hot filling…mmm..I think I know what I’m going to make for dinner this weekend!

Roasted brussels sprouts.  I hated sprouts as a kid, probably because I had the frozen ones boiled in water on the stove.  Now that I can make my own food I enjoy roasting my brussels sprouts with some olive oil, salt and pepper.



Okay so this isn’t a recipe but it’s a food. Honeycrisp apples.  Need I say more?

What is your favorite fall food?


TotR: Running in Tough Conditions

Happy Tuesday!  It’s that time again, time to link up with Patty, April and Erika for another Tuesday on the Run.


This week’s topic:  Running in Tough Conditions

Winter is coming people, and while that may not mean several inches of snow in the Hampton Roads area, it sure means windy/rainy/cold conditions.  Fortunately there are ways to get your run on in even in tough weather conditions.

1.  Keep an eye out on the weather.  If your training plan calls for a 5 mile run tomorrow, but the  meteorologist is calling for a foot of snow or a downpour of rain tomorrow and it’s just cold but sunny today, switch it up and run your five miles today.  You’ll be glad you did.

2.  Treadmill.  Yep, I said it.  There are sooooo many reasons to hate the treadmill, but there are ways to make it fun.  Do intervals, hillwork, enjoy the fact that you can wear shorts and a tank while running in the winter…just do anything to make it fun!

3.  Invest in a good jacket.  No, I don’t mean just any jacket, I mean at the very least water resistant (better yet, waterproof) jacket that will keep you dry.  You may have to shell out more $$ for it, but it’s money well spent.  You can always use a waterproof jacket and it’s not just for running, it’s totally a multi-tasker.  I have the an older version of this jacket and it definitely does the job (ps. it is not insulated, but I don’t need that where I live).

4.  If you must run in the snow, use something help keep you from slipping and sliding around, such as Yaktrax or Stabilicers.  Last Christmas, I was at my mom’s house and we ended getting some snow on Christmas Eve.  I did my annual Christmas morning run and borrowed her Stabilicers and didn’t slip around one bit.

What do you do to get running in tough weather conditions?

A Slice of Proper Pie

Tyler and I spent the day in the lovely city of Richmond on Saturday.

walking along the sidewalks of Richmond

walking along the sidewalks of Richmond

No, not running the Richmond Marathon/Half/8k (congrats to all of the finishers!!!), but instead enjoying a gorgeous fall day doing some shopping Cary Street, the VMFA and trying a new to us restaurant called Proper Pie.

Located in the Church Hill neighborhood of Richmond, Proper Pie is a little gem of a restaurant that not only has sweet pies we all love, but savory pies as well.  We found out about the place after following Alton Brown on Twitter when he was tweeting about his RVA eats when he was in town for his The Edible Inevitable Tour, and I mean, come on, if Alton Brown recommends something of course we have to try it.IMG_4720

After parking (there were no problems finding street parking, btw), we walked into a small restaurant booming with business.  The setup of the restaurant is pretty cool, you can see the kitchen where they make and bake the pies, so it’s pretty fun to watch.  I can’t believe we questioned if the wait was worth it–it totally is–but the line actually moved quickly and before I knew it we were ordering our pies! Yes, I said pies.


Once we paid and got our food, we settled on a seat at the counter.  Heads up, there is not a lot a lot of seating here, my guess is a lot of people get their pie to go.  Still, there is counter seating and a few tables for two…and there are tons of places in Richmond to enjoy a lunch outside.


I dug into my chicken and vegetable pie and the tender but flaky crust melted in my mouth.  I definitely regret not getting a second one to take home for dinner!   The seasoning (mostly thyme, I think) was perfect and the ratio of veggies to chicken was spot on.


After I finished my savory pie, it was time to move onto the sweet.  I chose to indulge in a slice of the salted caramel pumpkin pie.  Again, this was amazing.  My favorite part was the gingersnap crust, but don’t get me wrong the pumpkin part was delicious as well.


Tyler had the lamb and vegetable savory pie (I did not try it but will next time).  He finished with the lemon meringue, which I did have  bite of, and it was the best lemon meringue pie I had ever had in my life!  It actually tasted of fresh lemon, not a ton of sugar, and the meringue was light an fluffy as it should be.


Is your mouth watering yet?  Mine is.  I definitely see myself making many trips back to Proper Pie, especially after particularly hard training sessions on the bike (we ride out of Richmond and the surrounding area).


Local readers, have you tried Proper Pie?  

Not so local readers, what is one “must try” restaurant in your neck of the woods?





A few weeks ago I was scrolling through my Twitter feed and saw another blogger’s review (I’m so sorry I can’t remember who it was) of some running shorts, so being a workout clothes fiend of course I clicked the link to read.

That blog post is where I was introduced to GRACEDBYGRIT, a new women’s activewear company.


I browsed the site and looked at all they had to offer, and immediately noticed all of the bright colored tanks, tops and knickers.  What I found particularly interesting is some of the activewear can be worn both on land and in the water–which is appealing to me as a triathlete (swim-run bricks anyone?)

A little about the company:   it was founded by two women named Kimberly and Kate while they were on a run realizing women’s workout clothing needs to be functional and fashionable.  They also incorporate safety into their gear, having pockets int heir pants that accommodate a smart phone and most of the products come with a safety whistle.  Read more here.

The more I read about the company the more I wanted to become involved.  I applied to be an Influenster the same day I found out about GRACEDBYGRIT, and after an interview and a small waiting period, I found out last week I was a GRACEDBYGRIT Hey Girl Influenster!

As an influenster, I was provided with a tank top, a pair of knickers and some headwear to review and #sweatmystory, and I chose the Delicious Tank, the Land and Sea Logo Knicker, and the visor.


The Delicious Tank is a silky smooth, stretchy basic racerback tank top you can wear for running, yoga, well…just about anything.  It’s just that versatile.  I wore it for my plyo test and walked in it and it doesn’t ride up.  I chose a simple navy blue, but there are a ton of bright colors available.

The Land and Sea Logo Knickers are a dream come true.  I love the wide yoga waistband, their super light weight, and I personally love the length.  Again, I wore these during my plyo test and walked in them and had no problem at all.  I can’t wait to run in them!



There are 2 things I love about these knickers:

1.  The wide waistband–it doesn’t cut in to my stomach like a thinner waistband would and it stays in place


2. There are TWO pockets in the waistband, one in the front and one in the back so there is plenty of room for a phone and keys.


Both pieces have reflective logos.


I haven’t really tested the visor because I haven’t been running, but it certainly is comfortable and I love the color!  I see many runs in the future with this visor!


So are you ready for your perk?  All of my blog readers get 10% of their entire purchase at GRACEDBYGRIT with the code:  GBGXOPRO159.

Happy shopping and remember to #sweatyourstory!

(Disclaimer:  Although I was sent an outfit to review, all opinions are my own; and I do get a small commission from every purchase that uses my discount code)




TotR: Race Recovery

It’s Tuesday, and that means it’s time for another Tuesday on the Run linkup with Erika, April and Patty!

This week’s topic:  Race recovery

It’s no secret, I love to race.  I can write all day about my past races, races I want to do and race day strategies.  But what about how I recover from a race?  I haven’t really touched on that (or at least not in awhile).

So here’s how I recover from a race:

1.  As soon as I cross the finish line and get my bling, I head straight for the water.  I’ll even have some Gatorade if it was a particularly hot/humid race, but typically I’ll have water and whatever small snack the finish area has available.


2.  I keep walking…..even if I’m tired.  If I immediately sit down, my muscles and joints will HATE me and it will be difficult to get back up.

3.  After I leave the race area, I am always up for breakfast ASAP.  It’s the perfect combination of carbs and protein, and I’ve never had a bad breakfast.


4.  When I get home, depending on the race distance I do one of two things:  ice bath or shower.    Anything longer than a 10 miler, I typically take an ice bath.  Otherwise, a nice shower.

I have bottoms on, you just can't my shorts tan?

5.  After my half marathons I’ve done, I don’t usually plan much for the rest of the day except maybe dinner out later.  So I put on my pajamas and lounge.


So there  you have it, that’s how I recover from a race—-I know there is definite room for improvement which I plan to work on in 2015!

How do you recover from a race?  Any recovery tips for this clueless gal?