Nine Days

Nine days until I am no longer full time at an office that consumes my life.  Nine days until I get to feel normal again.  My current job has me completely burnt out.  Week after week I kept telling myself it would get better, I would finally get down to 40-45 hours per week and be able to train/workout like I want to, meal prep like I’ve been wanting to, but it never happened.

When I gave my notice about eight weeks ago right before we left for Seattle (yes, I have an insanely long notice, but it was more for my sanity than making sure they can find someone to replace me), I felt relief that this madness was finally coming to an end.  We went to Seattle for a week that went by way too quickly, and I found myself back at work working even longer hours than before.  I was miserable and was often angry and always tired.  It was at that time I finally admitted to myself I was burnt out.

Weekends weren’t weekends, but time to catch up chores and rest, leaving little time for workouts.  I feel completely unhealthy (I’ve gained an amount of weight one shouldn’t even gain in a year in less than 8 months) and my sleep is wrecked.  I would constantly binge on sugary foods for a quick burst of energy, knowing fully that is not the way to do it.  Tyler and I have argued more in the past few months than we ever have.  My only workouts have really been walking the dogs about 2 miles daily, which, while better than nothing, is definitely less than what I’ve needed and wanted.  I was lucky to get any runs and rides in when I did.

Now, with only a few workdays left and my second trainee starting tomorrow, I’m feeling that relief again.  I took this past weekend to catch up on rest and to prep meals for the upcoming week.  My alarm is set for 5am and my running clothing is neatly folded on the dresser, shoes by the door ready for a run.  I no longer want to “just get through the week,”  I want to enjoy the week and feel good about my decisions.

Here’s to the last nine days, making time to get the things I want to do in and starting to feel like myself again.


Weekly Training Log: 3/30-4/5

Good morning!


I feel like I finally got a solid week of training in last week, here’s what I did:


3.1 miles running, 29:41 @ 9:34 pace.  When I start a new training plan I like to run a 5K so I can periodically measure my progress.  This pace was definitely challenging for me, especially after a full day of work!   It was actually kind of too gorgeous of an evening to not be outside.



8.07 miles cycling, 30:05 @ 16.1 mph.  Post work ride on Pepper.




Wednesday am

3 mies running, 30:28 @ 10:08 pace.  An easier pace than Monday.  This was the day I have been waiting for since last year–I finally FINALLY got over the Wednesday hump of “I’m so tired from work, I just want to come home and go to bed.”  How did I do it?  I ran in the morning.



I continued the Rock Your Core Challenge (it started on 4/1) and did some arm strengthening.  I’m still working on getting two days of strength training in during the week, but one is definitely better than none.


REST-I actually planned on this being a rest day and I’m so glad I did.  Due to Tyler being out of town this week for work and my work hours being so unpredictable, we drove the dogs up to my mom’s in northern Virginia to stay for the week.



Walked with the dogs around town, probably a total of 4 or so miles.


Cycled the W&OD trail from Purcellville to Leesburg and back—21.07 miles-1:43:21 @12.2 mph. We made a pit stop in Leesburg at Shoes Cup and Cork for some biscuits, bacon and lattes–it’s a must-try if you are in the area!


Running 6.1 miles
Cycling 29.14 miles

Have a great Tuesday!

Friday Five: Five GOOD Things

Happy Friday!  I’m linking up with Mar, Courtney and Cynthia for another edition of the Friday Five Linkup.  Today’s topic: Five Good Things.

1.  Spring has sprung here in southeastern Virginia.  It’s been sunny with temps in the 50-60s all week which has made for excellent running and cycling weather.



2.  This salad.  It’s Alton Brown’s take on a nicoise salad and we had it for dinner on Sunday.  So tasty.  I did, however, omit the micro greens and capers (we didn’t have either on hand).

3.  Cycling after work.  Longer daylight hours = more opportunities to cycle.  Lovin’ it.



4.  This Sporkful podcast episode.  Dan Pashman does a hilarious take on the Serial podcast, investigating just who stole food from an innocent call center worker in 2001.  Being a huge Serial fan, this was quite enjoyable :)

5. AND last but certainly not least–I got this email yesterday:


Woohoo!  I got the job with staffing resources :) Here’s to a better schedule, going back to school and actually getting my tri training in!

Have a fantastic weekend!

What is one good thing from your week this week?

Mount Rainier National Park

Last month Tyler and I headed to Seattle for a week of PNW fun.  My favorite day was easily was a day trip to Mount Rainier National Park.  We hiked a 5-mile section of the Wonderland Trail then drove up to Paradise to play in the snow.  Every bit of this park was just breathtakingly beautiful, I felt like I just had to share some of the pictures I took there.


IMG_0790 IMG_0786 IMG_0715



IMG_0676 IMG_0673


IMG_0645IMG_0634 IMG_0632

IMG_0550 IMG_0563 IMG_0578


IMG_0541 IMG_0546 IMG_0532 IMG_0525


Have a beautiful day :)

Monthly Goals Series: April 2015

Good morning!  I’ve decided to start a monthly goals series so I can keep accountable for getting my training in and keeping up good habits.


1.  Stick with the tri plan, no excuses.  Training starts 4/6/15.  This one is a biggie and simple:  my goal is to stick with all scheduled workouts (usually 5-6 days/week).  The biggest excuse I give is basically “work is hard.”  Yes, I have a difficult job.  It’s physically and mentally draining, demanding of a ton of my time and a lot of the time I just want to come home and crash.  So, how am I going to keep up the training?  I plan to do a mix of morning and evening training, taking advantage of the longer daylight hours; have a snack at work in the afternoon so I’m not starving when I get off; rearrange the schedule as needed.

2.  Fuel like an athlete.  If I’m hungry, I’ll eat.  No “diet” foods and no garbage (except celebrating my mom’s birthday with homemade cake).  No skipping meals–a bad habit of mine when I get off at 7-8pm and have no desire to eat.  Meal prep Sundays are going to be a key player in making sure this goal sticks.

3.  Blog twice a week.  This one is kinda self-explanatory, but I really enjoy blogging and I don’t like it when I go two weeks without a post.  It’s not that I’ve run out of things to say, it’s that I don’t make time for it.  Instead of binge watching Law and Order after a ride that time would be much better spent blogging about that ride. :)

4.  Have a solid Carytown 10K.  It’s fast and flat and I’m looking to run a good race at the end of the month.  No, I’m not looking for a PR (thats later this year), but I am looking for a nice-even-feels-good-but-challenging run that has me crossing the finish line with a big smile on my face.

5.  (Not listed on the picture above) Complete the ROCK YOUR CORE Challenge hosted by a whole bunch of awesome bloggers.  Strong core = strong swim/bike/running.  Enough said.

Do you set monthly goals for yourself?