Crustless Sweet Potato and Leek Quiche

Lately, I’ve been a little obsessed with quiche for breakfast.  It’s not only delicious, but it’s easy to make and it’s portable.  My latest quiche is a crustless sweet potato and leek version, seasoned with McCormick Gourmet thyme.  It’s oh so good.

sweet potato and leek quiche

Recipe:  Crustless Sweet Potato and Leek Quiche
Serves 4

1 large sweet potato, cut into small cubes
2 leeks, sliced (I used a bag of frozen leeks from Trader Joes, but fresh will obviously do)
6 eggs
1 cup shredded swiss cheese
1/2 tablespoon of dried thyme
a pinch of red pepper flakes
1 tablespoon of butter (or whatever kind of fat you want to use to sauté the leeks)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Boil the sweet potato cubes until just soft, drain.  Heat butter over medium heat in an oven safe pan (non-stick works best), add leeks and cook until soft then add the sweet potatoes and cook for another 2-3 minutes.  Beat eggs in a separate bowl with cheese, thyme and red pepper flakes.  Add to pan.  Cook on stove until edges are set, then transfer to oven and bake for 15 minutes.

I’m linking up today with Jenn from Peas and Crayons for What I Ate Wednesday.  Enjoy!

what I ate Wednesday

Disclaimer:  I received a free full-sized McCormick Gourmet Thyme to try from Influenster VoxBox as a part of their Frosty Box Campaign.

What is your favorite breakfast? 

TotR: Running in the Dark

Good morning!  I’ve been a little M.I.A. the past week but hopefully my days of 50+ hour work weeks and missed lunches are a thing of the past as of yesterday.

Today is Tuesday, which means it’s time for another edition of Tuesdays on the Run with Erika, Patty and April.


                                                                              Today’s topic is:
tips for running in the darkThese days, I go into work when it’s dark and leave when it’s dark, leaving me with no other option (well, besides the treadmill, blah) than to do my during the week runs in the dark.  Here are a few tips to make you visible to others and stay safe on the run.

1.  Get reflective.  When I head out for a run in the dark I put on my Xinglet.  I like this particular vest because it has extra illumination with the blinking lights on the front and back.

running in the dark

2.  Take off your headphones.  Seriously.  Even if you have the volume low or just one headphone in, the podcasts or music you are listening to is a distraction.  In the dark, you need to use your other senses, such as hearing to be able to hear a dog or a person coming up behind you and with headphones in you likely can’t.

3.  My favorite–blinky lights!  I love the Amphipod ones that just clip to your clothing with magnets–I don’t even notice they are there.

4.  Wear a headlamp to see in front of you, and to let others know you are coming.  There is nothing like a bad trip over a bump in the sidewalk to end an otherwise great run–or worse seriously injure yourself.

5.  And finally, find a well-lit place to run and possibly a running buddy.  I’m lucky that Tyler runs with me, but before I met him I ran by myself.  When I ran before work in those days, I ran laps through a large, well-lit shopping center parking lot.

How do you stay safe when running in the dark?

**Mamma Chia Giveaway Winner**

Congrats to Mamma Chia Giveaway winner Kristen G!  She was emailed last night letting her know the good news!


MAD about Sweat Pink

Good morning!

As a Sweat Pink Ambassador I get to do super-fun things like fill out MAD Libs (like the one below) and work with awesome brands :)  This year, Sweat Pink is doing a #NoExcuses challenge–an effort to ditch the excuses as to why we don’t get that workout in or eat the Reese’s instead of the carrots we were supposed to snack on at work.

sweat pink no excuses

Enjoy my #NoExcuses Mad Lib!

  • Hey 2015, it’s me Running Muffin (nickname, spirit animal, real name, blog name)

  • This year I would like to get fasterfitter, and have fun.

  • It would also be super duper awesome if I also did get a PR this year. It’s not a resolution, though, just a reminder to myself to try and have the best year yet because I’m going to work super hard for it.

  • The thing I am looking forward to most this year is getting married!!

  • I’ll use the one thing that truly gets me out of bed in the morning which is an alarm to help me get up, get moving (verb) and get after my #NoExcuses 2015.

  • Speaking of excuses (ahem), my very favorite excuse is my job and I have used it to get out of doing my workouts and eating right on more than a gazillion (number) occasions.

  • I vow to move my body and be more healthy this year even if it means I have to wake up at 4am.

  • Even if my alarm clock gets eaten by the dog in the middle of the night, I’ll still get my butt out of bed and to the pool.

  • I will stop blaming Cuey and Delilah [ex: kids, dog, husband] for eating the rest of the cheese when everyone knows it was really me.

  • My job [job, hair, car, husband, kids] are not the reason I make excuses. I will show my body who’s boss this year and get my triathlon [type of sweaty activity] on

  • I know that swimming/biking/running/lifting [type of workout] is better than ice cream on a hot day [noun]

  • I will reward myself by fitting into my closet full of clothes I can’t wear right now!

  • No Excuses 2015 has just begun and already I am imagining myself a winner. I can’t wait to rock a tank top (article of clothing) from Augusta Active. I can’t wait till my sweaty friends are jealous of how fresh, clean and beautiful (adj) I am between workouts with help from ShowerPill body wipes. I can see myself rocking box jumps [yoga pose / workout move] in new tights [article of clothing from Actio926] from Actio926 and looking fit and fly while doing it. And of course, I’ll be taking my workouts to the next level and improving my core [noun] with my new ActivMotion Bar to help me train for my next 10K [distance] race with Sasquatch Racing.

  • Oh, and let’s not forget how amazing my running shorts [article of clothing] will smell in my / during my morning run [favorite type of workout] after washing with some WIN Detergent. And lastly, I’ll keep rocking my 2015 with clean eats and nutrition from Beaming with Health!

How will you incorporate the #NoExcuses challenge into your life this year?

TotR: 2015 Race Plans

Happy Tuesday!  I’m linking up with Patty, April and Erika for another edition of Tuesdays on the Run!
Tuesdays-On-The-Run-300x263Today’s topic: 2015 race plans!

I have a lot of races on the docket for 2015–road races, triathlons, a duathlon, an aquabike and a half-century cycle.  See my 2015 race page for all the details.  Today I’m going to talk about the top five races I’m most excited about.

1.  The Cherry Blossom 10-Miler.  I’ve run and volunteered at this race before and cherry blossom season in DC is the most beautiful time of the year there.  As for the race, it’s got some hills, usually perfect weather, and a awesome scenery on the race course.  My goal is to run it in under 1 hour 40 minutes.   No, that would not make it a PR, but I think it would be a good return to distance running goal with healthy legs.

2.  The Wicked 10K.  Hands down, my favorite race.  It’s in Virginia Beach, it’s fast, it’s flat.  Perfect for a PR, which is exactly what I’m going for there.  I want to go sub-50.  Did I mention it’s actually on Halloween this year–there’s going to be some awesome costumes–I’m sure of it!

3.  The Outer Banks Olympic Triathlon.  This is my 2015 goal race.  I’ve only been to OBX a few times, enough to know that it’s mostly flat (unless you are walking the dunes!) and the wind can be a bitch.  I’ll be doing a duathlon in May down there, so hopefully I’ll get a taste of what’s to come.  This will also be my first olympic tri, so bonus, it will be an instant PR ;)

4.  Hampton Rockfest Half Marathon.  This will be a very special race.  Not only will it be my first half marathon since 2013, but it’s mine and Tyler’s wedding race!  Yep, we are heading north in October to get hitched and making a pitstop in New Hampshire on the way to run a fun 13.1 miles.  Perfect excuse to get myself a sparkly running skirt :)

5.  The Cap2Cap Half Century.  While this is not a race, it’s still an event on my schedule and I would love to share.  If you’re a local, you probably know about the Virginia Capital Trail that is being constructed from Richmond to Jamestown.  Proceeds from the ride supports the trail construction and upkeep, so if you like to cycle you should join in.  There is are different distance options: 15-, 25-, 50-, 100-miles, and it’s very family friendly.  Last time I rode was in 2012 and the BBQ at the end was so good.

What is one race you are looking forward to this year?

Mamma Chia Energy Beverage {Review + Giveaway}

Good morning!  I thought I would start this week with my very first Running Muffin giveaway!  Read on to find out more…

The kind folks at Mamma Chia reached out to me last month to review their new energy drink called Chia Energy Beverage.  Bonus, they want to give one lucky reader a chance to try it free!

giveaway, mamma chia

The facts:

Mamma Chia Logo-horiz-small

Mamma Chia’s new Chia Energy Beverage is the first beverage that combines chia with guayusa (gwhy-you-sa) giving you a healthy and delicious energy drink that is not filled with sugar and other chemicals that you may find in sodas and other energy drinks.

The Chia Energy Beverage is USDA Certified Organic, Non-GMO Verified, gluten-free, vegan and Kosher.

So, what’s in this drink anyway and what are those little seeds?


In addition to organic fruit juices and organic cane sugar, there are two star players:  chia seeds and guayusa.

Chia seeds are the richest plant-based Omega-3’s you can find.  They are an excellent source of dietary fiber, protein and antioxidants.

Guayusa is a natural caffeine that has been around in the Amazonian culture for over 2,000 years.  It is rich in antioxidants and vitamins and it doesn’t give you that energy crash feeling you would get with coffee or other energy drinks.

Some more fun facts:
More than an entire day’s worth of Omega-3s (2500 mg)
25 percent of one’s daily fiber (6 grams)
4 grams of complete protein
90 mg of natural caffeine (about as much in an 8 oz. cup of coffee!!!)
Twice the antioxidants of a cup of green tea
Calcium, powerful antioxidants and valuable minerals
120 calories

My review:

As someone who is super-sensitive to caffeine, I decided to try this in the morning on a day I didn’t have to work just to make sure I didn’t crash (I’d never tried guayusa before).  To my surprise, I had absolutely no crash, in fact I didn’t even feel like I had had caffeine.


The drink itself does have softened chia seeds floating in it, which may make someone think the texture would be a little funny, but I didn’t have a problem with it.  The flavors were subtle and it wasn’t too sweet, which suited me perfectly.  I don’t like drinks that are too sweet or have a certain fruit “flavoring,” I like the real flavor of the fruit that is going into the beverage.  My favorite flavor is Raspberry Razz.


The Chia Energy Beverage will be available this month at grocery stores such as Whole Foods, Target and Safeway, and retails for $2.99 per bottle.

To find out more about Mamma Chia, visit them on their website, Facebook, Twitter!

Now, for the giveaway.
One lucky reader will win (Retail value $45):
A one week supply of Chia Energy Beverages
A one week supply of Chia Squeezes
A Mamma Chia Camelbak waterbottle 

Open to US residents only.
Giveaway ends at midnight on 1/19/15
Winner will be announced on 1/20/15 and I will email the winner that day.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Good luck!
This post is sponsored by Mamma Chia.  I received free samples of Chia Energy Beverage to try in exchange for a review, as always all opinions are my own.